Well this year’s blogrimage is over!  I learned a lot about self-defense!  I still have a lot of work to do and practice.  I was very foreign to this world and now I have a little bit of an idea of what it means to fight in more of a “sport” form.  

Here’s some clips of me fighting some people at church tonight.

See you all next year!!!



Check out this article on 14 steps to successful street fighting. It’s fairly ridiculous but I got some good stuff out of it.  The pictures are funny too.



Learning Self Defense has been great.  But today I decided to research the REAL stuff….street fighting!  Girls gotta know how to make it out on the streets!  

The music in this video is fun.  🙂

In my quest to figure out what I believe about guns, I found a story that made my heart happy.  I know this doesn’t happen often but I like the way this story turned out.  And!  It was in my wonderful home state of KS!


A Kansas homeowner heard a noise in his home around 4:30am, grabbed his gun and went to investigate.

The homeowner encountered an intruder during his investigation and ordered him to the ground at gunpoint.

The suspect complied.

The homeowner was able to hold the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

From KSL.com,

“The homeowner was able to hold him there at gunpoint until officers got there,” Sgt. Sam Despain with the St. George Police Department said. “It worked out great for that homeowner and for us. We were able to make an arrest, no property was stolen and no one was injured or hurt; it was a great story.”

“We are incredibly grateful for this homeowner and what he did,” he said. “It was brave and it was a great conclusion to what could potentially have been a very bad situation.”

This is a great example of defensive gun use in which no shots were fired, no one was injured, and the bad guy ended up behind bars.


This is my friend Sara and this is her cute pink mace attached to her bag.  I’ve often thought about getting mace.  Self Defense techniques are great to learn but let’s be honest……Amreitha will probably do more harm with mace!  The only reason I haven’t gotten it yet is because I’m worried that if I get one, I’ll accidentally spray it when I don’t want to!  Doesn’t seem like Sara has a problem with that.  🙂


I’m not sure when my self defense blogrimage went from me actually doing self defense to watching youtube videos on the subject.  But here’s another one!  More moves to learn!

Check it out.  I promise you’ll laugh at least during the first 3 seconds!


Oh my word!  This video is the best self defense video of all time!  It’s a training video for Japanese people on what they can expect when they come to America! They can expect to be robbed and it’s teaching women what to say in english if they are and how to defend themselves.  This is hilarious and sad at the same time!

The pattern of the video is so funny!

– American man grabs Japanese woman from behind

– Scene change to Japanese women doing aerobics repeating simple english phrases such as:

take anything you want

spare me my life

i was robbed by two men

– Close up of Japanese woman’s armpit

– Back to attack scene

All with incredible elevator music in the background!